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• 11/27/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

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• 9/2/2014

Background Image Suggestions

Drop some links to images that have the potential to be the new background for CU. 
Here's a short list of what an image should(n't) be:
+ High resolution. 1600x900 or larger preferred.
+ Above average quality. Basically, it shouldn't look like it was made in under 2 mins in MS Paint.
+ Abstract and/or pretty and/or creative, etc.
+ Genre-neutral. Notice how the current theme doesn't advocate any genre in particular. That is intentional :)
+ PG. Something you wouldn't mind showing your grandma.
- Character/setting specific. Images with a focus on a character (ex: Aragorn, Samus, Eminem, Batman, etc) or setting (ex: dragon's lair, space station, haunted house, Castle Greyskull, etc) will be disregarded.
- Small. If it's too small, I can't use it :/
- Offensive. Use common sense, people.
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• 7/22/2013

Tiering Requests

Leave a link to the hub of the universe you want to be rated in a comment below.
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• 7/24/2013


Q: What are universe tiers?
A: Universe tiers are a rating system that takes into account the quality, originality, and effort put into your universe. 
Q: What are the tier levels?
A: From lowest to highest, the tiers are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. 
Q: Do I have to have my universe rated?
A: Nope, your universe will only be tiered upon request.
Q: Who do I talk to if I want my universe rated?
A: Ask any active admin, they'll set you up. 
'Q: 'What does a rating get me?
A: If your universe is rated lower than what you want, you'll get prioritized aid from an admin to get it closer to where you want it to be. If your universe is rated high, you get attention, respect, and glory, as well as a better shot at the coveted Featured Article position. 
Q: What are the factors considered when rating?
A: There are 3 main factors to the rating process: Writing quality (correctness in spelling, punctuation, grammar, layout, continuity etc), originality (lack of copying / ripping-off),  and effort (how hard you work). An admin will consider all of these aspects, and may point out others if relevent. 
Q: You just rated my universe Bronze! How could you do this to me ? </3
A: Bronze doesn't mean your universe is bad. It means your universe can be improved. 
Q: Do all rated universes get tiered?
A: No. If your universe is lacking substance or quality, an admin may choose to put the tiering process on hold. Usually this will mean that the admin is going to help you get your universe up to at least Bronze level. 
If I missed anything, leave your questions in the comments below.
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• 7/9/2013

Nice World.

This is a nice world.  I think it needs improvment.
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