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This article, Algorion Timeline, is a part of the _Algoria universe created by Bluestripe the Wild.


History Edit

Dawn of the World Edit

At the beginning of time, there was nought but the gods. The greatest of all was the High God. The other gods were the Earth Goddess, the Mother Elf, and the Ancient Dragon. They dwelled in the plane of the immortals, known as the Place of the Gods. They lived in a palace constructed by giants, who were the servants of the gods. The High God declared that the four gods would create a universe beyond the Place of the Gods. This they did. After creating the vast expanses of space, a single planet was chosen to create life on. The High God created the great expanses of land and the ocean himself. The Mother Elf made the land able to sustain life and is responsible for creating all forms of plant life. The Earth Goddess gave shape to the land created by the High God, creating mountains, valleys, caves, and other landforms. The Ancient Dragon did very little in the actual creation of the world. However, from the puffs of smoke emitted from his nostrils that ascended into the sky came the creation of the clouds.

The First Age Edit

The Second Age Edit

The Third Age Edit

Also known as the Age of Isolation, the relationships between many of the races of Algoria dissolved due to lack of interaction with one another.