A Universe, in which 5 planets live in. The five planets are, Planet Smirk which is blue. Planet Grin which is red. Planet Blank which is Green. Planet Elims, which is Brown....and finally....Planet Droopy...which is a "Variable" of colors. Each, of the planets have a population of 2 to 3 billion people and each planet are the same size,BUT, located in different quadrants(Ex: Planet Smirk is located in the south Quadrant, Grin in the north, Blank in the west, Elims in the east and Droopy in the "Middle Quadrant". Though each planet may be populated with people, the majority of the worlds are ALL populated with antelopes, with a population of 7.5 Trillion!!! Some Antelopes, have developed a mysterious conflict with the humans living on the planets. So, they formed an alliance called "The Antlers Of Liberty" a group of Genius species of Antelopes who everyday, terrorize mankind everyday.

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