This article, Aqua, is a part of the Explosiver universe created by FireballMudnewt.

Vital statistics
System Mystic system
Class Planet M
Terrain Ocean


Inhabitance Aquains
Intelligent Beings Aquains
Number of Moons 1
Type Sun G-type
Climate Warm
Natural Disasters Hurricanes
Natural Resources Anything that has to do with oceans
Protected By The Mixups

****CRINGE ALERT***** Edit

Aqua's population is 6 billion, and its gov is called The Mixup Alliance.

History Edit

The Aquains were independent, but they were also very weak, so the Mixup's (witch were very powerful) took over and forced them to mine a rare oil-like liquid that is only found on there planet. It's called, Plantonem (Plant-ton-e-em).
Aquains Home Planet

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