This article, Criminal Underworld, is a part of the Paradise-iverse universe created by UndeadHero.

The Underworld
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin Paradise-4
Species Human
Not. Members Mr. Uno

Don Giuseppe

Founded In 100 Years Ago
Technological Standpoint Advanced
Mission To Rule Paradise-Evo
Planets Captured Paradise-4


Unnamed Planet

Two Paradise-4 Moons

Allies Various Gangs

Various Thugs

Enemies United Supplies
 The Underworld is a massively powerful organization which rules over all criminal activities on Paradise-4 such as: smuggling, trafficking, etc. They are currently the most powerful, and most elusive faction on Paradise-4. To most citizens, the Underworld doesn't exist and is merely myth.


According to ---, Paradise-4 is divided into territories governed by the most dangerous criminal in the world thanks to their brokers. The most influential man in this underworld is only known as "Mr. Uno", of whom the most recent has died.

Due to it's nature, the underworld is involved in almost all the world's activities and events.

  • Supposedly, The former Mr. Uno paided United Supplies the twelve cents to purchase Paradise-4 and blackmailed them to come.
  • Hunter's original bounty of 1,200 Neos was because he bad-mouthed a dealer of the Underworld.


Broker is a member or a party which deals with transactions of illegal goods or services, they are often a member of a more powerful gang and/or leader within the criminal underground.


Not much is known of the Underworld, due to their activities being so secretive.

30 Years Ago, the Underworld's former Mr. Uno contacted the President of United Supplies and offered him a chance to purchase Paradise-4. After his refusal, Mr. Uno bribed him with twelve cents so he doesn't lose anything, to which the President accepted and told him to wait five days.