This article, Crodian Timeline, is a part of the Crodian universe created by TheAnonymousMarauder.

This page is for the timeline of the Crodian Universe.

Timeline Edit

  • 1969: Humans land on the moon for the first time.
  • 2047: The first prototype light speed engine is made and tested.
  • 2059: Humans have the first manned mission to Mars and are successful and establish the colony of Eudopia.
  • 2064: The planet of Via Sol is found orbiting close to the sun. Humans send a robotic spaceship to investigate.
  • 2067: Earth loses contact with the robotic spaceship sent to Via Sol right before it left Venus' orbit.
  • 2069: The Human Republic is formed.
  • 2070: The Human Republic sends a small fleet to Venus to investigate the disappearance of satellites. The fleet is assaulted by a unknown fleet and destroyed.
  • 2071: It is discovered that the unknown fleet is part of a vast alien empire that rules Mercury, Via Sol, Venus, and many other planets. The Human Republic sends a diplomatic force to try and discover if they can find a peaceful solution with the Gorzad Empire. The Gorzad attack the fleet.
  • 2072: Hostilities break out between the Gorzad Empire and the Human Republic.
  • 2074: A massive alien fleet of ragtag ships enter the Solar System. The Humans discover that they belong to the Satwens, a alien race that planet was destroyed and are trying to find a new home. They, with the help of the Humans, build "Cloud Cities" on Saturn to live in.

More coming soon.

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