Vital statistics
System Gammar System
Terrain Grasslands


Inhabitance Cydons
Intelligent Beings Cydons
Number of Moons 2
Climate Warm
Natural Disasters Earthquakes
Protected By Cyd Syndicate

This article, Cydonia, is a part of the Dewsomy universe created by TheAnonymousMarauder.

Cydonia is a extremely dense planet with a high population.

Surface Edit

The surface of Cydonia is almost completely covered in overpopulated, dense, polluted, cities. The rest of planet is either dry, barren, badlands, or small grasslands,

Economy Edit

The Cydon economy is based off their massive trade markets. They are one of the richest governments in the Gammar System.

Cities Edit

  • Polton-The capitol of Cydonia, this city has a population of 2.5 Billion people.

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