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The Dark-Kin are a form of undead, ghost-like and wraith-like in nature and form, that consists of the incorporal souls of the former, and most famous, fey, the Elves. The Elves were the first race to taste death, and undeath, which is ironic because Elves are immortal. They were killed by the "Daermirken Corruption" a once deadly corruption that died with the Elves' physical bodies. They are ruled by the only Human to ever contact the Daermirken Corruption, Uraegth The Shade. He is famous for being in the process of corruption and is both Incorporeal and corporeal. Dark-Kin are infamous for their ability to kill a mortal with a single touch. The only way to kill them is either DIRECT sun-light or to destroy the remains. 


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How to Destroy ThemEdit

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How they are CreatedEdit

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Abilities and PowersEdit

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