Flamer 2

Female Flamer

Warlords, killers and hated crimninals. These creatures are in fact the souls who have embraced the flames of violence and anger. Transformed by the flames into violent creatures who lost the will to control their violence.

Flamers are spirits who are resided two one of the seven realms of the Empyrean, Furo through acts of violance and conflicts in their lives. Having to endure the flames of the hostile realm through a number of yerars their bodies would begin to turn hard as volcanic rocks and fire spewing from their bodies, eventually their personalities would change into more of their violant sides, becoming willing servants of their fire monarch Cherole.


Though they are humanoid, their skin colour are black with fire bursting through their joint limbs and around their necks, including the back of their heads which leaves their faces bare but with the eyes, nose and mouth bright orange. Some Flamers would loose much of their physical apeparances and become more skeleton.


The Flamers who have been fully transformed are extremely violant, ill-tempered and attack anything they see as a threat or if they are insulted. Completely lost all of their humanity, but still remember remnants of their past when they were alive for the moment. Flamers seem fearful of their master yet worship him as their god with loyalty.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Once a Flamer is transformed they gain fire-based abilities and shoot out flames from their bodies. As theye nolongerr have physical forms the flamers can easily reoverr from any wounds.