Vital statistics
System Datwon System
Terrain Mountains



Inhabitance Gorzad
Intelligent Beings Gorzad
Number of Moons 2
Climate Warm and wet in the forest and marsh regions, cold in the mountain regions.
Natural Disasters *
  • Thunderstorms
  • Avalanches
  • Mudslides
Protected By Gorzad Empire

This article, Gazol, is a part of the Crodian universe created by TheAnonymousMarauder.

Gazol is a massive planet orbiting Xendon, a dieing sun. Gazol is the home world of the Gorzad, a reptilian race that is bent on controlling the Solar System and then the universe.

Surface and climate Edit

The surface of Gazol is mostly low marshes and swamps, with some forests like the Gund Forest, but it also has some mountains. Many towns and villages are built hanging over swamps, with tall poles holding them up. The Gorzad capitol, Gu'Had, is located in the Gund Forest. The planet is very wet and humid.

Towns Edit

  • Gu'Had-A sprawling city located in the massive Gund Forest, it is the capitol of the Gorzad Empire.

History Edit

Coming soon.

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