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Azreneth dominates the western end of Harukhar, and is the undisputed largest continent of the planet. Before The Event it was considered one of the richest in rescourses and raw materials, and as such all its nations were powerful ones, only matched by the nations of the eastern continent of Yegnar. Nowadays, after The Event, it still maintains having some of the most powerful nations in technology and rescources. Holding the eastern end of the continent, is The Artaium Theocracy, considered the most powerful of the lot, ruled by the being known as The One. They dominate the eastern coast of Azreneth, streching as far inwards as the great dust bowl. To the north, a great many other factions rule fighting among themselves and occationally skirmishing with the Theocracy. Half of them are protectorates of the great Theocracy, after many were conquered during its expansion. To the west, over the great dust bowl, lies a dozen more factions that remain unknown to many. However, what is known, is that there is also a great people known as Great Kush Horde. They are the only ones from the west to dare cross the great dust bowl to engage the Artaium Theocracy often ending badly for both nations.


Artaium Theocracy

Great Kush Horde



The Thalackz Anarchists



The Kranzak Confederacy



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