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The timeline of Harukhar is split into three eras of defining periods of history, the first era is considered myth by many while the other two represent the recorded history of Harukhar.

Age of Myth: While still considered as myth and legend by many, the discovery of an ancient machine known only as "The Ark" has brought much debate on whether the theories linked to this age are factual or not. These beliefs also spawned the two major religions of Harukhan society before the war which also was the major cause of the many wars fought between the nations of Harukhar.

Age of Progress: Often dubbed as the era of the old world, the Age of Progress spans from the beginning of Harukhan recorded history up until occurrence of 'The Event'. All events in this age are marked with a BE after the number meaning "Before Event" with the year number showing how many years before it was. For example, the year 713 BE means 713 standard Harukhan rotations after 'The Event'.

Age of Death: The age in which the Harukhan universe is set, the Age of Death refers to everything that happens after 'The Event'. All occurrences in this age are marked with a PE after the year which means "Post Event" with the number showing how many years after it was. For example, the year 91 PE would be 91 standard Harukhan rotations after 'The Event'.

Age of MythEdit

"Saving them from the demons that plagued the heavens, the gods brought the first men to Harukhar on chariots of iron that flew across the stars. Armed with bows of light and protected by shields of energy, the evil destroyed the gods who had sacrificed themselves for a new humanity. While hidden from the evil by magical barriers, it is foretold that the demons will find Harukhar and end what they started"

---An ancient text of the supposed "arrival" in which spawned an entire religion

Referred to as the age of creation by those of Arkian faith, very little is known about the age of myth and is widely considered as nothing more than fairytales.

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Age of ProgressEdit


  • 0 BE, The Event: At the end of the era, a cataclysmic event occurs on Harukhar which transformed it to the war torn wasteland that it is today. A mysterious and extremely powerful enemy known as the Dramadi, meaning "Sky Gods" in the ancient Harukan tounge. The nations of Harukhar were caught un aware in their fighting and were little fight for the superior fighting ability of the Dramadi, this alien force then seemingly left Harukhar having destroyed all civilisation. Only the mysterious being known as "The One" stayed behind, along with multiple heavily armed drones across Harukhar known as Guardians.

Age of MythEdit

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