Patarian palace

The Holy Patarian Union was one of the three major nations to control the majority of Chenua. It has been founded and governed by the Dirius family for centuries since its beginning and usually have been rivals with the Confederate States of Karshen since the colonists defected from the Union 300 years prior to the Unification of Chenua. The capital of the nation is located in St Greer, Patar. Like the Ankiri Empire, the Patarians follow a monarch system by royal families but have allowed citizens to ascend to such status by earning it in the same way as a democratic society. Led by the Dirius Family, whose ancestors' history goes back to the known history of their civilization.

Culture Edit

Esiah Dirius

Patarian Noble

The Patarians live in a monarch society divided into a caste system where as the Nobles have greater influence then the common caste, like the Ankiri Empire the families are formed by Houses of their family names, being a democracy the government allows citizens a rise of status through their services. The Dirius family that are descendants of the founder, Piett Dirius became a major political power over the Union through the centuries serving as the ruling House of the kingdom. Marriages are normally a political norm for some to build alliances with each other and polygamy is but a norm only to the Noble Houses.

The Patarians considered themselves to be the most civilised people with the advance technologies they 'invented' and believe to have the right to bring culture to their wayward counterparts. Few nobles were vaguely aware of their origins which was referred to as 'Great Voyage', but by law of Piett Dirius they must not reveal the secret to the commoners and enemies in fear of an uprise and a possible repeat of what they believe to be another downfall from their ancient homeworld, hiding the truth from their citizens at any cost is considered the right thing to do.

Military Edit

Being one of the major powers of Chenua, the Holy Patarian Union needed to build the strength to defend it's borders. They have develoepd few automatic vehicles and navy fleets to combat it's rivals and considered the second largest military  

History Edit

Birth of the Union Edit

The early human colonists settled on the continent known as Patar, led by the leading group that would be the ancestors of the Dirius Family after leaving Karshan to create the Holy Patarian Union.

Unification War Edit

Downfall Edit

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