This article, Hub:Across The Heavens, is a part of the Across The Heavens universe created by Secord and Red Average.

Across The Heavens is the story about a young astronaut sent through a wormhole in the year 2025 and transported 411 years into the future. He discovers a group of freedom fighters against a group of oppression fighters in an almost endless war. The young astronaut leads the freedom fighters in an all out war of the future.




  • Ron Boswell
  • Sarkos Two-Balls
  • Wolfgang Adler


  • PR-85
  • AK-47
  • STG-44
  • MP40
  • MG-42
  • MG-83
  • STG M-85
  • X-16A1
  • E-Luger P36
  • Solar Saber


  • USS Warpstar
  • Freedom-Class Flagship
  • King Viper X-200
  • X-267 Quadstar

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