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The universe of Age of Legends (short AoL) is a fantasy universe, focused on the realm simply known as "world" or "Welt". The realm is one of many places in the Void, a nearly endless span, hosting countless souls, who die and are reborn all untill they are pure enough to ascend to the realm of the Creator (also refered to as Maker), where they will exist eternal, enjoying all things they want. 

To gain purty, one must show himself worthy. To achive this, many inhabitants of the Welt take upon acts of bravery and cunning, fighting the fiendish threats that lurke on the far corners of the world, but also, the growing Darkness outside their realm, ever loathing to break through.

The timeline will be focused mainly upon 1200-1400 N.E. (new era) revolving around the great human nations, which rose to power after the slavers known as High Elves were annihilated in the start of the new era. Tho they are not the only ones that want to dominate the world, as new powers rise, and old ones strive to come back. 




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