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The Remnants of Arcadia universe is a "hard" science-fiction universe wherein humanity has traveled to the stars and is now receding back.


The pages with information about the universe named "Remnants of Arcadia".


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The regions within the universe. Including the many places within the Sol system, the Retras system and the Guedimeo system.

Many planets, solar systems and cities to be found of all different factions, styles and environments.


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The races of the different solar systems and planets. Ranging from Venusian to Ottellej.

Many of these races are just Homo-Sapiens sub-species which differ across planets and environments, however some races are aliens that live in very different ways.


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The factions of the universe are in bulk. From the ever-present DCHT to the revolutionary RMR to the pirate organisations of afar.

There are many factions when it comes to this post-galactic world. Many desperate and in disarray, but all trying to take command for their purpose.


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The history of the universe. From AD 12,676 to AD 76,543 (current year). Filled with many events, stories and battles the history of this universe is ever-growing.

Notable individualsEdit

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The notable individuals of the universe. From the world-changing Kimberly Retras to the miraculous and mysterious Dr Victor Francis.

This world is full of stunning people with fantastic stories to tell.


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The technology of this universe is extremely mixed and varied. Being a civilisation that has lasted longer than 50,000 years there is much innovation and stream-lining of processes to make things easier and more comfortable while also making things more powerful. The only confines are the laws of physics.