This article, Hub:Demonia Legends, is a part of the Demonia Legends universe created by RustBody.


Demonia Legends Universe is a Cross-type (Sci-fi and fantasy at the same time) Fiction about clans of a planet surviving a pure chaos, by the name of The A.I. ; a malevolent computer-dragon like thing.


The Articles here are about the universe named DLU or Demonia Legends Universe


Main article: Hub:Demonia Legends/Races

the races here are consisting of races on DLU. starting from the Human-Like Demonians until the Fierce-but-short Vaenuxians.


Main article: Hub:Demonia Legends/Items

the Items here are consisting of Important Items and Equipments in DLU. starting from a simple transformer device to a gigantic factory disabler


Main article: Hub:Demonia Legends/History

The History here are consisting what happens before DLU is even triggered and what happens in DLU now (starting from 2008 - 3026)

Notable CharactersEdit

Main article: Hub:Demonia Legends/Notable Characters

Here, you can see the known (and important) characters from DLU. starting from the humble Yokai twins until the Ferocious Dragon-Computer thing


Main article: Hub:Demonia Legends/Locations

Find out the locations known in DLU, starting from the simple yet powerful great-walled city of Demonia until the Feared unknownly mysterious MetaSpace

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