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many places where you can hide on, but that does not mean you can escape me


Locations here are the places you can find in DLU


Demonia is a grassland plains-planet located in Oberos star system, Demonia is the 2th planet among 9 other planet on it's star system. it was having 2 large major islands and some small minor islands.

Demonia Walled CityEdit

a very large city located in Demonia which is unamed, it was the larges on that city. the city was covered in Tall walls (sized about 50 - 60 meters), it was located on Demonia Isle's center ground

Velgar CityEdit

a dark city located in Velgar Isle, it looks like a large ruin city with ghosts living on it (irronically, it's true). it was the main ClanHouse of the Grastonian Clan

The RiftEdit

The Rift or simply called Rift is a giant planet that (uniquely) moves on it's own. even, some people dont call it a planet, they call it a living gigantic space creature

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