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Differences make us one, none is different, none is the same. we are one, we are many.

–Caniner, as he vows the Unity of U.U.F.O.R. and The Black Renegade

Many heroes are from different beings, machines, and borns. here are the races known in DLU


Demonians are a race of human-like beings with moderate intelligence, they are also known for their ancient technology plus they never age if they are 18 and above. their homeplanet is Demonia. they are also often mistaken as humans (note: a Demonian WILL NEVER die of age if they lived in Demonia forever)

Ancient DemoniansEdit

they are Demonians that lived in Demonia for more than a thousand years, their normal human-like body morphed into antromorphic animal shape (which is simply means, they become furries)


Zargonians known as "Standing Bipedal Sharks", their body is blue from head to toe, and also having 2 shark fins (in their crown and in their upper back). they are also tall (about 2-3 meters tall). their homeplanet is Zargonia


Nicknamed as "Fist Fighter's heaven", their legs and arms is made of natural iron. their homeplanet is Typhoon


Nicknamed as "Little Sharpeyes", they are known for their small body (as big as a mature dog) and their accuracy of shooting, their also good at flying spaceships and planes (and anything which flies). their homeplanet is Vaenuspatturus


known for their large blocky body and blue skin, they are known as the most powerful technology maker ever. however, they are about to extinct (about only 1900 Utronoxian left)


Known for their avian body, bat wings and arabic accent. they are nicknamed "Space Ustadz" (because ALL perrycants are moslems). their homeplanet is Hogus-10


Artasians known for their slender and thin humanoid body build, they are also ALWAYS covers their head with a round iron Helmet which shapes well and fit with their head. their fighting style is also unique, mindless clawing using their gaunlet-armored lower arms. Their homeplanet is Artasia-X

Artasian XEdit

Since the Artasian War, the Old-School Artasian were extinct. evoluted to become a same variant with a more "meaty" build and a more decorative helmet, they are divided into 3 Clans ; Stormtooth (fights alongside U.U.F.O.R.) , Bloodmaul (Remains Neutral) , and Shadowalker (Fights for The A.I.)


They are known for their grey skin and their dark(er) gray eyes, they are very variative in shape and structure. once, they are the greatest threat in Demonia, now, they're among us. their home planet is same as Demonians; Demonia


They are fairly small for a type of a 12 year-old human child, they having a red body, large adorable green eyes, and a pair of arms and legs. they are travelers and never really have a homeplanet


they are shaped as same with Drogox. however, they are having a pair of robotic parts that replaces lower arms and feets, and they are having a helmet which was used as a protection and helping them navigating. and unlike Drogoxes, they are having a homeplanet, in Meciculon

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