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As Humanity expands, there is less for the world to show. As Humanity takes, there is less for the world to give. As Humanity stays, there is less for the world to sustain us. Our world is dying and it can not be more apparent and clear in this modern age...

James Spencer, President of the United States

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Exodus hUB siGN

In the distant future, the societies of Earth have thrived in the new golden age of technology and science.
But it has not done so without loss. Due to society's constant need to expand, the world has become dark
as minerals, resources, fuels, etc. have become less common and new means have had to be made to continue their
existance in the modern world.

Overpopulation has lead to society's quick advancements in both medicine and food production,
but has left its scars through diseases and plagues such as "The American Flu". Oil and gas prices climb as
petroleum and oil reserves quickly dry up, rationing in these products as well as the development of synthetic fuels
have lead to new advancements in science, but has left the world economy in rough to poor shape.

Fusion Energy plants have replaced traditional power systems, allowing cities to grow at a quicker rate
and allow the overpopulation to become such an issue in the modern world.
Health Food Organizations, during the rationing period, worked productively to reduce and create a decline in fast food,
causing the near end of the obsesity epidemic that had risen over the first half of the Twenty-First Century.

Environmental Agencies have been trying over the passed few years to stop pollution,
but only recently have recieved the acknowledgement and accolades needed to gather funds.

Earth is dead.










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