This article, Hub:Gliese Galaxy/The Grox' War, is a part of the Gliese Galaxy universe created by Hotel-Toast.

The Grox' War


Gliese Grox Monarchy and Grox Empire


500 AG - 700 AG

The Grox' War was a war between the two Grox factions, some time before the first native spacefaring races evolved.

Reasons Edit

  • The Grox Empire on Gliese Galaxy was losing power due to the Gliese Grox Monarchy conquering systems very fast.
  • The regular Grox can only live in the Core, since they depend directly on the radiation emitted by the core black hole to survive. Losing that territory could mean their death.

Outcome Edit

  • The war ended with a permanent truce.
  • Both empires remained with a single colony.

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