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Imitheos Example 1

Map of Imitheos

Most of the post-Spindown population of Earth resides in the sixteen cities of Honolulu, Nuvancouver, Nuevo Santiago, Ica, Ville Atlantique, Sauvegarde, New Montevideo, New Beginnings, New Cape Town, Reunion, Islamabad, Dwarka, Hope, Jinping, Neotokyo and Exodus. Some of these cities have been in alliances from the start, having been founded by the same groups; some entered alliances later after Spindown. Below is an overview of the currently known alliances. These alliances represent shared trade and culture, as opposed to actual nationhood, and most city states still remain strongly independant. 

The alliances below are listed in order of influence.

European FederationEdit

Probably the first post-Spindown cities to be founded were Ville Atlantique and Sauvegarde; these were in planning by the European Union ever since Spindown began, and gradually received more and more attention and effort as the submerging EU began to run out of options.

Ville AtlantiqueEdit



The authoritarian nation of China was immensely influential leading up to Spindown; this influence it used to its advantage, soon annexing Neotokyo after founding the planned city of Jinping (these are the two most populous cities in the world). China also effectively controls many smaller settlements in the archipelagos of islands surrounding its cities, and still remains fiercely influential.





The cities of the alliance formally referred to as Saba (the term originating from the names of the pre-Spindown nations of South Africa, Brazil and Argentina) were founded slightly more haphazardly than the cities of the EuroFed. The cities of New Montevideo and New Cape Town were mainly founded by sailers from Argentina and South Africa, respectively, but the settlements quickly became politically important as the atomsphere over their originating countries became too rarified to be liveable. Eventually, the planned city of New Beginnings was founded as a waypoint between the two older cities.

New BeginningsEdit

New MontevideoEdit

New Cape TownEdit


Indiastan was not founded formally by any government, but by refugees, some of whom trekked many thousands of miles from the south of the pre-Spindown continent of Asia before finally settling down. Only recently have the cities formed a recognisable alliance; the population of Indiastan is strongly religious, with large populations of Muslims and Hindus.




Oceanian LeagueEdit

The Oceanian league is a loose coalition of cities inhabited by the descendants of citizens of the pre-Spindown nations of Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. However, the large sailing distances between the cities of the League mean that Hope and Exodus are being pulled apart and absorbed into Indiastan and China, respectively.




The cities of Nuevo Santiago, Nuvancouver and Ica are not aligned close enough to any other cities to be considered as being in alliances of any sort.

Nuevo SantiagoEdit