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In the world of Imitheos there are many different individuals who exhibit skills and attributes that could be described as being "super-powered". However, due to the magnitude of various skills, their attributes and what they entail unto people or groups it has been decided that "super-powered" is the politically incorrect term. Instead, most societies have agreed to simply call these people "powered" as indeed there may be nothing "super" about them.

On this page you will find powers exhibited by people, who those people are and a bit of information on those powers and classifications.


Main article: Hub:Imitheos/Powers/Telekinesis

Telekinesis is the control of motion of objects and space.

  • PM-guy
  • Inertia control
  • Richard Morpheys - An insane man who can move kettle-branded items with thought alone.
  • Self-gravity
  • Amelia Forgrove - A woman with the power to fly at will.
  • Rust control
  • Integrity Control
  • Centre of mass control
  • Plastics
  • Bacteria control


Main article: Hub:Imitheos/Powers/Chronokinesis

Chronokinesis are powers which manipulate time.

  • Verne Grey - A man who can see 42 minutes into the past by winking an eye. Only changes through sight.
  • slow motion
  • -1s/1s
  • Petrification


Main article: Hub:Imitheos/Powers/Physical

Physical powers are powers which affect a living being.

  • Diffusion Feeder
  • Super strength
  • Adaptability
  • Grow, no shrink
  • Plant control
  • Emmanuel Hales - When unconscious Emmanuel Hales will regenerate his body faster than normal, at a rate of precisely 7x10^3 times faster than that of a normal human being. When unconscious his body will also be invulnerable to any matter or energy around him. When awake the power has no effect.
  • Impervious to locks
  • Spray-painting fingers
  • Low-dose gammaray stare
  • Light thumb
  • Invisible Tuesdays
  • Finger growing


Main article: Hub:Imitheos/Powers/Mental

Mental powers are abilities that deal with the minds of sentient beings.

  • The Transferrer - An entity whose mind can cross into different bodies and control them with a MPD-like state.
  • Rebirth (Note:Above is child when twins)
  • Knowledge of desire
  • False stimulation
  • Names


Main article: Hub:Imitheos/Powers/Sensory

Sensory powers are powers which give boosts or boons to the normal senses of perception.

  • super sight
  • super navigation
  • Control focus
  • Control reflectivity
  • Control refraction
  • third person.
  • Megaphone

Many Powered IndividualsEdit

Main article: Hub:Imtiheos/Powers/MPI

Many powered individuals (or MPIs) are individuals who possess a large number of powers as opposed to the usual few.

  • Kevin Ingraave - A mentally retarded individual with mood swings and unknown number of different powers with low levels of control.