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"In a mad world only the mad are sane." *

"Do you know where the first kettles were made?

In ancient Mesopatamia, sir.

Or how about that in the month of march,

There was once a kettle built out of lead?

What if the world had never had kettles?

What would it be like, surely not the same.

I'm unsure that the world would be the same.

Then again, what if there is no path there?

If the world has simply one path, what then?

I doubt it matters to us really, Plum.

The world hinges on ev'rything, except us.

Unimportant, yet without some content.

How nice it would be to have something nice.

Nevermind Plum, I have you and others.

One whole big family, all us kettles.

From purple to red, orange to violet.

Kettles are in my mind, on it, around it.

Thievery is not of it, but murder.

No-one will break you, use you or taunt you.

I am your friend, be one with me, dear Plum.

The blood does not stain you, but them instead.

Not at all your fault dear Plum, all for them.

These dead bodies, all of their own accord.

None of it my fault, I had to save you.

Dear Plum forgive me, for I've stained you.

Cleanse you I will but forgive me please do.

I do this all for you, thank you kind Plum.

It will all fade away in the end, Plum.

Kind Plum, nice Plum, thoughtful, considerate.

My love for you is uncontrolled, Dear Plum.

I hope that you feel the same back at me.

Dear Plum I love thee, please requite my love.

Dear Plum you may sleep soundly on this night.

I protect you from the dangers outside.

Those that come close will come no closer then.

Only you and me in this life, Dear Plum."

- Give thought to this through context of kettles

  • Quoted from Akira Kurosawa (From 1910 - 1998)