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This page details all of the out-of-universe information about the world of Imitheos, such as why we created the world, how we came up with the ideas and any other references made (of which there will be many obscure ones).


Amelia ForgroveEdit

Amelia Forgrove is named after Amelia Earheart, the first female aviator to fly across the pacific ocean on a solo flight and also an early supporter of equal rights for women (much like Forgrove is a supporter and founder of the equal rights for powered people). The name "Forgrove" was a simply made up name that seemed to roll off of the tongue nicely.

Emmanuel HalesEdit

The name "Emmanuel Hales" was decided by looking for names of the time the character is around. "Hales" was decided after Avetzan1 found a wikipedia article of a painter named John Hayls. "Emmanuel" was decided after a variation on the character named Manny (later Ghanny) in the webcomic 1/0 and then finding that the name has been in use, although rare, since the 16th century in England.

Kevin IngraaveEdit

This name was decided randomly.

Richard MorpheysEdit

Otherwise known as "the kettle-man". The name "Richard Morpheys" comes from a make of kettle brand "Morphy Richards". This make of kettle is also the make of "Plum", Richard's most favoured kettle.


The premise of Imitheos came from two separate ideas about "original superpowers" and "a strange apocalypse" which turned out to be the slowing of Earth after some documentaries were watched detailing the likelihood of a scenario.

After that a history was built up around the idea and odd powers were thought of such as kettelepathy, invulnerability when unconscious and even seeing 42 minutes into the future.


The locations were decided by


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