Our Galaxy... small in nature, large in diversity. If there's a threat incoming, we will not give, we will not surrender, and we will prevail. All for the good of its inhabitants.

–Varkeos Kronark, President of the United Kraw Empire

Kraw Galaxy
Kraw Galaxy Flag


Kraw Federation Leaders


"United for our cause."


Kraw, Asgord, Iteok, Tahars, more

Technological Level

Quite advanced, not as much as other greater empires


Neutral, aggressive when provoked


Kraw Universal Language


Can be agressive and irrational, is often known as a "Galaxy of Hats"


Horeskreg (Formerly "Horehronie" until 0 KRE)

The Kraw Galaxy (Historically named the "Hrezi Galaxy" by its precursors) is a spiral galaxy home to the Kraw Federation. This galaxy was named diffrently per species until it was eventually named the "Kraw Galaxy" after the Kraw race in their honor in 300 KRE. Gramatically, it is said "Kraw Galaxy" instead of just "Kraw", Kraw being the name of the species.

The Kraw Galaxy is inhabited by a large amount of species, though the leaders of galactic affairs are its 4 major races, the Kraw, the Asgord, the Iteok, and the Tahars.

Throughout its history the Kraw Galaxy suffered through 2 major wars, however the galaxy has recovered from these threats and is now entering a golden age.

Constitution Edit

The Kraw Galaxy is a spiral galaxy, consisting of 5 arms, though distinguishing them is quite hard due to its small size.

The Arm of Power and Wisdom
Home to the Iteok, who Represent Power, and the Tahars, who Represent Wisdom. It is Also home to the Terridor Federation, an ally of the Iteok.
The Kraw Arm
Home of the Kraw and the Kraw's Allies.
The Asgord Arm
Home of the Asgord race.
The Ahexai Arm
Home of 14342 minor empires, the Ahevox, and the Tyrennes.
The Oskerg Arm
Home of 3243 minor empires. It's the smallest arm in the Kraw Galaxy.

It is unknown what lies in the Galactic center, due to radiation jamming signals from that area.

Flag Edit


The Kraw Galaxy is represented by its own flag, which is a 2:1 Ratio flag.

The 4 stripes represent the 4 major races of the Kraw Galaxy, each represented by its own color. The larger, blue stripe represents the Kraw. The red stripe represents the Asgord. The grey stripe represents the Iteok. The aqua-green stripe represents the Tahars.


The 4 Stripes come into Confluence in what appears to be shaking hands, which Represents their Unity. The Tahars and the Iteok don't shake hands - This Represents the Iteok-Tahar War. The Black Star with the Galaxy in the Center Represents the other, minor Inhabitants of the Galaxy. The Black outside the Star Represents the Universe.

History of the Kraw Galaxy Edit


Current Map of the Galaxy (01/01'00/403 KRE) Edit


The map, as of 403 KRE.


Sectors and Empires Edit

(CX) - Class X, such as Class 6. The scale goes from 1 to 7 in terms of power.

Krawnak Arkil
Prime sector of the Kraw Arm. Home to:
  • Kraw Empire (C6)
Vihazok Arkil
Middle sector of the Kraw Arm.
Talzio Arkil
Outer sector of the Kraw Arm.
Ashrai Arkil
1st half of the prime sector of the Asgord Arm.
Asgordak Arkil
The rest of the prime sector of the Asgord Arm. Home to:
  • SRA (C5)
  • TAE (C5)
  • Ionians (C5)
Olnius Arkil
Middle sector of the Asgord Arm.
Ithzerg Arkil
A sector in the upper half of the Asgord Arm.
Vok Arkil
Outer sector of the Asgord Arm.
Mak Arkil
Prime sector of the Ahexai Arm.
Ahexai Arkil
A sector where the Ahevox Empire is. Home to:
  • Ahevox Imperium
    • Tyrenne Slaves (C7)
    • Xhrassh (C5)
  • Objektirokh Domain (C7)
Zahaus Arkil
Middle sector of the Ahexai Arm.
Leretyv Arkil
Outer sector of the Ahexai Arm.
Ikso Arkil
Prime sector of the Oskerg Arm.
Lekuwa Arkil
Middle sector of the Oskerg Arm. Home to:
  • Yotunians (C5)
Nalhaus Arkil
Outer sector of the Oskerg Arm.
Tymoro Arkil
A sector dedicated to Tyrek Galaxy and Dagorian inhabitants. Home to:
  • Tyrek Empire (C7)
  • Komorian Comitatus (C6)
  • Dagorian Mercenarium (C7)
Tikael Arkil
Prime sector of the Arm of Power and Wisdom. Home to:
  • Terridor Federation (C6)
Ikrhas Arkil
The Iteok's sector. Home to:
  • Iteok Khereg (C6)
Vonevus Arkil
Middle sector of the Arm of Power and Wisdom. Home to:
  • Tahar Empire (C6)
Kjaahk Arkil
Outer sector of the Arm of Power and Wisdom.
Oklex Arkil
Outer core sector. Home to:
Eemr Arkil
Core sector. This data is unknown.

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