This article, Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom, is a part of the Across The Heavens universe created by Secord.

Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom
Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom
Vital statistics
  • Miranda Chadwell
  • Thann Maddox
  • Planet of Origin
  • Earth
  • Alpha Centauri
  • Thessia
  • Not. Members
  • Serron Devney
  • Aaron Carter
  • Adam Stetson
  • Burt J. Rhode
  • Claire Porter
  • Lexi Dalton
  • Jason Carter
  • Lennox Carter (2436-2436)
  • Diana Dowanhowee
  • Technological Standpoint Advanced
    Mission Freedom Fighters
    Planets Captured
  • Zeta Reticuli
  • Government Type Democracy
    Not. Species
  • Humans
  • Kinetians
  • Greys
  • Terranovians
  • Allies
  • Thessia
  • Earth
  • The Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom is the primary faction for good in the galaxy. They are known to battle any kind of evil wherever it may turn up.

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