This article, Known Superhuman Traits, is a part of the D.I.S.C. universe created by Totalimmortal and Thissecretninja.

This is a list of known superhuman traits. 


There are four categories that supehuman trait origins fall into. 

  • Gifted - Those who are born with their powers as the natural product of human evolution.
  • Mutant - Those whose powers were bestowed upon them through outside means, such as an accident or experiment. 
  • Nonhuman - Those who are of otherworldly origin, whether it be extraterrestrial or supernatural.
  • Dependant - Those who do not possess powers of their own, but are capable of superhuman feats through the use of artifacts or technology. 



  • Pyrokinesis is the mental ability to generate control fire.
    • Flame manipulation is similar to pyrokinesis, but is physical rather than mental, allowing the manipulator to "sculpt" flame from a source. This synergizes very well with pyrokinesis. 
    • Thermokinesis is the mental ability to control ambient heat energy in one's immediate environment. 


  • Superstrength
  • Superspeed
  • Superdurability
  • Superstamina
  • Mutation


  • Flight is usually a result of repurposing another power, unless there is a mutation of wings involved. 

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