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SE 77




83,000 (estimated)

Government Type

Elective Monarchy

Current leader

Mazerath El Sizer

History  Edit


History for Sarradin harkens back even to the years immediately after the ‘The Reckoning’, when numerous tribes begun to move from the harsh climate of the south to find nicer pasters. These tribes eventually pushed into the territory of the Orian Elves, a group of elves separated from the rest by the changing of landmass during the reckoning. At first, the tribes lived peacefully with these elves, but tension started to mount. The climate begun to heat up further, pushing the many tribes north into the Orian territory. This tension furthered when magic became much more volatile than usual, creating many demons that wreaked havoc on the Tribes and Orian alike. This eventually went too far, when the spawn of demons, accidently created by the Orian, destroyed one of the tribes that was well renowned, and had healthy relations with the others. This finally pushed the many tribes over the edge, and they called a ‘Yjaan’ (Holy war) on the elves, in an effort to end demon attacks.

First war against the ElvesEdit

See main article: Yjaan

The tribes, at first launched raids against the Orian, in an effort to stave their cities, and bring them out into the open. This, for the most part was successful, as the staving cities sallied out to try and find the tribesmen whom hid in the mountains. For the mountains, the tribesmen then charged out into the Orian armies in great number, leaving none alive on the battlefield. The war was fought like this for the next two years (SE 24-26) and eventually the Orian Elves where besieged at their last city, Lothrian. The Elves, after a few months, could not hold against salvation any longer, and decided to sally out against the Tribes. However, before they did, they gave into the temptations of evil and turned themselves into demons.

The battle that followed devastated the tribes, and though they won in the end it came at a high price. Only four of the many tribes were left, and they now harboured a great hatred for users of magic. Going their separate ways, these last remaining tribes spread across what is now known as Sarradin, and claimed their own piece of the dead Orian Empire.

Tribal wars

From SE 26 to SE 77, the now Sarradin people were divided into four distinctive tribes. These were:

The Sejuuk: The most numerous of the four, the Sejuuk wander the deserts in the south, only coming up north during the harsh summers to raid on all the other tribes in order to support them. Despite their number, this tribe lacks the proper amount of professional soldiers.

The Sarrin: These tribesmen made their life along the coastline of modern day Sarradin, and became skilled in seaman’s ship. Despite their small number, they made themselves known by trading the rich harvests from the oceans to the other tribes.

The Thmunjii: One of the most powerful of the tribes, the Thmunjii after the Yjaan, scavenged from the remains from the Orian Empire. They became advanced in their way of life, and much to the dismay of the other tribes, they also became increasingly efficient in the skills of Magic.

The Aradin: The Aradin were by far the smallest of the four, taking refuge high in the mountain tops after the successful Yjaan. These people suffered the most from the other tribes, as they were constantly attacked by others trying to assimilate them.

These for tribes for the most part of the fifty years after the successful Yjeen, constantly attacked one and other. It became a game of supremacy and power, as they all competed to gain the most resources, and to survive longer. However, this all ended when one man’s ambition sought to unite them all, to make them a unified country.


After almost fifty year of bloodshed and competition over resources, one man had enough, and in his early years dreamed of having a united country. This man was Emir Mazerath, hailing from the weak Aradin tribe deep within the mountains. He challenged the leader of his tribe in a duel over the leadership and defeated him, becoming the new leader or headsman of the Aradin tribe. From their he made radical changes to the tribe, training them all as professional soldiers, rather than the rabble they once were. He also struck an alliance with the Sejuuk tribe, promising recourses for their military aid.

With his alliances set, Emir marched on the much hated Thmunjii in an effort to convince the neutral Sarrin to his cause, and to wipe out these mages. Unfortunately, the Sarrin tribe chose to remain neutral, and so Emir with his army were forced to attack without their help.

Kraalin WarEdit

For the better part of the next year the Aradin and Sejuuk tribes fought in in a war of dominance against the Thmunjii mages. During this war Emir’s skill in leadership and battle were proven time and time again, as the two united tribes steadily took ground from the large Thmunjii one. Eventually, the war was almost won by Emir. However, feeling sorry for the mages and seeking some of their power, the Sarrin tribe declared war on Emir, and launched attacks to displace him.

From there, the war changed in favour to the Thmunjii, as the war then swung back and forth between the two factions over modern Sarradin. However, it seemed that luck was with Emir, as the Thmunjii mages suffered heavily when they were beset by demons, possessing many of their mages. In light of this, the Thmunjii submitted to Emir, and agreed to become part of his new empire. The Sarrin, now alone, were divided on whether they should give in to the Aradin or fight on. This split them into civil war, with half leaving the land for the ocean in exile and the other joining Emir to create a united land.


From the SE 77 to SE 109, the new nation lived in relative peace, now calling themselves the Sarradin. Emir, after the war, set up many reforms for the people and the future rulers, creating the modern government system they still use today. He also set about creating a new military system, and formed cults such as the Yokuush Katarti. Eventually, this new nation begun to prosper under Emir Mazerath, and did so until his death (SE 92). His son Jeelen Mazerath then took the throne, and from there the Sarradin nation begun decline. The Headsmen of each tribes threatened to rebel, and Jeelen was quickly assassinated by members of his own court. His son, a young boy of only 19 was given the throne, and faced the prospect of his nation rebelling under him.

This boy, known to history as Emir the second, declared an Yjaan on the recently discovered lands in the north, in an effort to reunited the falling Sarradin nation. This, was a very successful action taken by Emir, as the squabbling tribes ceased the bloodshed on each other and turned their attention to the north, were conquest lay.

Second YjaanEdit

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The Sarradin, as a nation gathered a large fleet, and prepared for glory and conquest in the name of Kwylion. They sailed north up the crimson sea, and eventually came to the island now known as Saar. This island was inhabited by the remnants of the Sarrin tribe, which the Sarradin people still harboured a hate for. In their religious fury, the Sarradin took the island in a matter of months, destroying the Sarrin remnants completely. This was the start of the Sarradin Empire, and it didn’t end there.

Emir II, feeling the newfound power in his nation, declared he would take the known world, and united humanity as the legends foretold. Under his leadership, the Sarradin marched again in the year SE 110, and landed on where the Delektrian States reside today. The small divided and emerging tribes of the Delekrian stood no chance to the Sarradin might. As the horde of fanatic warriors completely overrun them and their small communities. After the tribe were under the rule of the Sarradin, Emir turned his gaze to the east, and marched onwards.

The Sarradin army then came upon a hated enemy, the elves. However this elves, despite being what was left of

Sarradin empire under EmirII

The Empire after the second Yjaan

the New Elven Kingdom, were in no state to fight against the Sarradin. They, for the past hundred years, had been plagued by civil wars and rebellions, as a new state of thinking by them was emerging. This made it easy for the Sarradin advance, as they ploughed through all elven resistance, taking no prisoners, and leaving a trail of destruction behind them.

Eventually however, in the year SE 124, the Sarradin advance could go no further, and stopped just short of the Zaveranlunt peninsula. Knowing that his men could not possible push any further into the remains of the Elves. Emir the second begun to consolidate his holdings, and begun reforming his people to fit with this new empire.

Glory DaysEdit

Following the successful Yjaan that ended on SE 124, the nation of Sarradin entered its glory days. The leadership that Emir the second provided proved to make the new empire prosperous, and it slowly begun to expand through trading means. When Emir II died in SE 129, the nation almost lost this hold on Southern Nylosos, and was repeatedly attacked by the Elves. Because of this, Sarradin lost some of its territory, but still continued to prosper. However, after this in the year SE 143 under the reign of Jazad I, the empire begun to expand further, with repeated campaigns in the north of Empire. Then again in SE 150 under the reign of Jazad II, the Sarradin expanded, taking hold of the

Sarradin Empire

Total extent of the Sarradin nation under Jazad II

Zaveranlunt peninsula after another mighty war with the elves.

Following the capture of the Zaveranlunt peninsula, the Sarradin Empire had reached its zenith, and could not possibly expand any further. From SE 150 onwards the empire fought numerous defensive wars against the elves, and slowly begun to give ground under their slow advance.


Following the end of the 2nd century of the second era, the Sarradin Empire begun to rapidly decline in the face of repeated invasions from the elves, and even orks. This was mainly due to the arrival of the ‘new men’ in SE 199 on the region of Alimer. These ‘new men’ drove into the elves of that area southward, putting massive pressure on the Sarradin Empire. Eventually, in the year SE 204, these desperate elves fleeing southwards from the ‘new men’ attacked the Sarradin Empire, and won the war that followed. As a result, the empire lost all of their holdings on the Zaveranlunt peninsula, and the land that is now known as Norifliin. <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt;">Following this, rebellions soon broke out in Saar, leading to the overthrow of Empire there and the founding of the nation of Saar. Throughout SE 207-210, the Empire led many invasions into this new nation with hopes of reclaiming it. But this in turn weakened the forces situated where the modern Delektrian States now stands, and led to the natives there also rebelling against the empire. Promising to reclaim these lost territories, King Muharrad, forcibly took the throne from his uncle, and imposed heavy taxes upon the people to fund his armies.

In the wars that followed, King Muharrad managed to retake some of the lost land, notably some of the Zaveranlunt peninsula, and half of the nation of Saar. However, problems in the Sarradin mainland forced him to abandon these conquered lands in SE 215, and return his armies back to Sarradin. He was then forced to ‘pay out’ his generals for their efforts in those wars, and placed his country into massive debt. Following this, massive taxes were imposed on the common people, dragging many down into poverty. These actions then further cultivated to start the Sarradin Civil war.

Civil WarEdit

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Like some of the other nations in Nylosos, the Sarradin hold a distorted view of how Nylosos and humanity was formed. Such beliefs are to be upheld by all people living in Sarradin, and it is regularly enforced by a sect of the Yokuush Katarti cult.

<p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt;">This religion was created by the prophet Sa'di Ahmed, whom united the wandering tribes in the early second era for a brief moment to destroy the Orian Elves. He stated what was all too true to the tribes, that the practice of magic by these elves were killing the people, people whom he believed to be ‘pure’. This all cultivated into the firstYjaan’ (Holy War) and was used as an excuse to wipe out the Orian elves. After this first Yjeen, the tribes begun to believe in this prophets words and all, (save the Thmunjii) converted to his faith, and it now is still widely believed in by all the Sarradin people. 


<p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt;">The Sarradin believe that Kwylion inherited the goodness of his mother god, and never had a stain of corruption on him. It is also believed that Kwylion created the realm of Nylosos, rather than the dark god Rilioth, and he was attacked by the dark gods over this world. For it is widely believed by the Sarradin, that the dark gods were jealous over this pure creation, and attacked Kwylion to destroy him and his pure beings. However, Kwylion pushed them back with the help of his ‘Pure’ elves, and created a barrier between the two dimensions.

<p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt;">This, ‘barrier’ prevented the demons from entering the realm of Nylosos, allowing Kwylion to nurture the realm as he saw fit, creating it into a paradise for the emerging New Elven  Kingdom. However, the demons did not sit idle, and after 1200 years they had enough of this peaceful realm. They marched united on Kwylion, creating demon spawn that many of the Sarradin believe to be the ‘beast races’. The demons eventually won the war that followed, but however Kwylion created the humans as a last show of defiance out of his own life force. A few of these humans however, as the Sarradin like to believe, where corrupted with magic and were made in all but name as ‘demons’. The elves, were also corrupted according to the Sarradin, and were made in effect as demons as well to them. This explains their hatred towards the mages and the Elves, as well as the many other beast races that exist. However, according to the Sarradin, the demon gods could not make it through the barrier, and were forced to use their spawn to carry out their wishes. The Sarradin believe themselves to be the only ones that can stop this, that they must unite humanity under one image, their image. 

Stance on MagesEdit

<p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt;">Sarradin has an utter hatred of mages, harkening back to when the first tribes fought against the Orian Elves. As a last stand against these tribes, the last mages of the Orian people gave themselves into demon corruption, wreaking havoc on the ancestors of the Sarradin people. Since then, all people that are born with the ability to use magic are killed on sight or traded to another country as a slave. A mage killing cult also wanders Sarradin, hunting down mages that are on the loose, called the Yokuush Katarti.  


Political GeographyEdit

Foreign RelationsEdit


<p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt;">Sarradin maintains a love hate relation with the island kingdom of Saar for numerous reasons. Many wars have been fought between these two nations over the control of the many islands littering the Crimson Sea. However, they both still maintain a healthy slave trade, with both nations prospering as a result of this.

Kingdom of Alimer:

The people of Sarradin have not really met this nation, and regard them with indifference.

Despotate of Zyphros:



Sarradin has a hatred of elves, and despite never meeting on the battlefield, these two nations have a rivalry. The Sarradin people often go out of their way to insult or cause injury to this nation, not letting them participate in any trading deals and otherwise excluding them from anything.  <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt;">Orkhold:

As far as people know, Orkhold and Sarradin hold no diplomatic relations with each other. Sarradin may not even know if this nation of Orks even exists and vice-versa.

Yhjeen Lands:

The Sarradin don’t know much about this land, or even that they exist in the first place. But if they did meet, the Sarradin would surly show their distaste for this people, as they are a beastly race.

Allios Empire:

Atheerian Magicracy:

Sarradin has a hatred of mages of any kind, and the Atheerian Magicracy is no exception to this. They despise this nation, and they would go out of their cause harm to its people. This has even gone as far as providing soldiers for nations warring against this nation.

Kregkush Khanate:

Despite the Khanates warlike nature, Sarradin holds a healthy relation with these people. This is probably mainly due to the slave trading that goes between these two peoples, as the Khanate oft ships unwanted slaves to the nation of Sarradin gained through their conquests against other nations. The Kregkush Khanate has also been an instrumental in helping with Sarradin’s wars against the Delektrian states, launching raids against this country at opportune moments. However, if the Sarradin find out about the Khanates religious preferences, there will be blood.


The nations of Zaveranlunt and Sarradin have had many disputes over the years, often about trade routes into the Crimson Sea. Many times these people have entered open combat with the Sarradin over supplies and trade, often ending in victory for the Sarradin thanks to the nation of  Zaveranlunt being divided in nature. <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt;">Delektrian States:

The Sarradin people absolutely hate the Delektrian States as they halt Sarradin’s influence and expansion in the Crimson sea region. Many wars have been fought between these two nations over influence and power over the slave trade, more often and not ending with neither side gaining a clear advantage. However, despite this, the two nations have a healthy slave trade with each other.