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Styo from the spaceship Adventurer II

Styo is famous for being the home planet of the Vagoj. It is located an aprox 0.87 AU from its star, DH392. Styo is a relatively small planet, being 0.11 times the size of Earth.

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Vagoj Edit

The Vagoj are an ancient serptent like race which live in the waters of Styo.

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The Vagoj's main weapons are a sort of ice-shooter. Is is deadly on there planet, but on planets which have denser atmosphere than Styo the ice-shooter is pracitically useless. Because of this the Vagoj have another weapon - a small, primitive sort of laser gun. Despite it having the look of being primitive, the laser blaster can fire a YU40 beam up to two miles (YU40 is equal to 60 kilotons of explosion).

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Nyar Edit

The Nyar are small, humanoid race which originated also on Styo.  They are around one point eight meteres, the tallest Nyar on record being two point three metres tall.  They are enemies of the Vagoj.

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