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****CRINGE ALERT***** Edit

The Mixups are one of the most powerful and evil races in the Mystic Galaxy.

Vital statistics
Planet of Origin Fologin
Type Government Alliance
Technological Standpoint Advanced
Weaknesses Memories of the Past
Height/Length Any height
Weight Any weight
Planets Inhabited Fologin


Mixup home planet

The Mixups home planet

History Edit

The Mixups were big on trade, so they had lots of spaceships for trade, markets, and other things that have to do with trade. One day a assassin killed there leader and took over. They became corrupt and evil, and they were big on fighting.

Spaceships Edit

Mixup Battleship: Mixup Battleships are giant, black or purple and very powerful

Mixup War Pod: Mixup War Pods are clear balls that lunch out of Mixup Battle Ships and are equipped with all sorts of weapons.

More coming soon!

The Mixups Edit

The Mixups take form of other alien parts, for example, they have the head of a Human and the body of a Aquain.

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