The USR-A Fully Mechanized Body Suits is a family of fully mechanized body suits that was derived from earlier forms of tanks. The USR-A Series is faster and more armored variant of the battle tank. It is a gas-operated mechanized suit, combined with a magazine-fed, selective fire, arm-mounted weapon with no known scopes visible from the outside.

The USR-A Variants were heavily used by the US Military during the War of Resources in the Middle East, and South America. Although only used by the US Army, other branches have used non-sentient robots in similar situations, such as "Ghost Ships". The Army ceased use of the USR-A after the War of Resources when newer, more potent fuels were found (as well as the USR-A inability to accept these new fuels without an immense amount of money to place in proper fuel lines and other parts).


War of ResourcesEdit




Attempts to continue productionEdit



USR-A1 "Jackson"Edit


USR-A4 "Hunchback"Edit



USR-B11 "Giant"Edit


Weapon VariantsEdit





  • USR-A stands for United States Reserve Corps. - Armor.

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