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    Some sci-fi collab

    January 25, 2014 by $17

    For the last few days, I have been discussing with Ork, Abyssal and a recent user named Irskaad about a science-fiction collab work. And around, I think, January 22 or 23 or 2014, I believe that Abyssal brought up something about this collab idea needing a blog, wish I had thought of that much earlier, but anyways...

    Users that will be participating in this collab, so far...

    • OrkMarine
    • Abyssal Horror
    • Irskaad
    • Me, R17

    • We will need a name for this collab universe.
    • Will this be an open collab? Or just between me and 3 others.

    • Probably set in one galaxy.
    • Should it be dark? I think it should be kept relatively grey with "dynamic relations" between various factions (anyone can be anyone's friend or foe), but we can add a dose of darkness to it.

    • Humans creat…

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  • $17

    As of my recent discussions with OrkMarine (and a few others) and his recent blog. Various decisions and agreements have been made, and one of them is that a technological scale (and its equivalents, such as a magic scale for Fantasy, for example) or guide that can apply to most universes in general without being too confusing or difficult to grasp for new users. (and such)

    So I decided to have a go at making one or more. Though please remember that these are rough drafts, and I won't be going into much detailing or realism yet, just some (not-so) short and simple scales with a description of each level in each scale.

    Note: Please remember that a higher level on the scale doesn't exactly mean better, as a civilization in a particular level may p…

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  • $17

    I think Total just started a trend. (not that it's bad or anything)

    Anyways, self-explanatory title is self-explanatory. I'll be using this blog for whatever future universes/settings I have planned, as well as my ideas for currently ongoing universes/ideas of mine.

    Futuristic dark science-fantasy with cosmic horrors messing up reality.

    Set after the fall of an intergalactic human empire that has been broken into several warring factions. While once-insignificant alien civilizations try to exploit the opportunity this has left for them. However, nobody has it easy at all as the Xarikspace Legions invade the mundane reality and attempt to transform and "consume" it (perhaps other extradimensional invaders join the fray, but Xarikspace will be …

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