For the last few days, I have been discussing with Ork, Abyssal and a recent user named Irskaad about a science-fiction collab work. And around, I think, January 22 or 23 or 2014, I believe that Abyssal brought up something about this collab idea needing a blog, wish I had thought of that much earlier, but anyways...

Participants so far

Users that will be participating in this collab, so far...

Ideas planned out

Out-of-universe decisions

  • We will need a name for this collab universe.
  • Will this be an open collab? Or just between me and 3 others.

Universe background, setting and premise

  • Probably set in one galaxy.
  • Should it be dark? I think it should be kept relatively grey with "dynamic relations" between various factions (anyone can be anyone's friend or foe), but we can add a dose of darkness to it.

Backstory so far

  • Humans create an empire that spans a considerable portion of the galaxy and has enslaved numerous alien species (and engineered more?), over time these races start to acknowledge humanity as their masters and gods at large, and many begin to worship the humans.
  • Soon however, humanity eventually meets an opponent more than a match for them, a powerful machine race with the numbers, resources and capacity to take on the human empire.
    • War breaks out, and eventually humanity and the machines are severely worn out...
      • (More coming soon if I remember or if the other participants retell the whole thing...)

Planned content

  • Civilizations
    • OrkMarine has proposed the idea of a cyborg empire that claims to be the descendants of the machine race, perhaps rogue machines that underwent rampancy and grew a higher intellect?
    • Irskaad previously wanted to add in the Kraw Galaxy (or possibly an "alternate reality" version of it, seeing how it already exists in its own universe), but Ork has had doubts and brought up various issues with the idea. There could be a compromise arranged in which the Kraw Galaxy and its contents need not have a prominent presence or focus and merely appear in the background, while Irskaad can bring his races into the main collab galaxy, perhaps they found out how to manipulate wormholes and acquire intergalactic travel?
    • Abyssal plans to create a humanoid empire that could potentially be rivals to OrkMarine's cyborgs.
    • I, myself, had the plan of possibly creating an alliance of alien slavers, with two main races, an aquatic and insectoid one, leading the alliance and lording over the slaves.

...and that is all so far, there are probably more stuff here coming soon if I and the other participants in this collab get to continue discussing stuff.

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