Ok, so since Ultimate fiction wiki is quite abandoned, I chose to do my work here. Basically I had the idea of a fantasy world. It is as any fantasy world, with dangerous places, wide spanning empires, several characters and stories to them. It will be placed at a time similar to our 13-14 century.

In short: the universe is made up of several realms, souls upon death, when clean enough ascend to the Higher Sphere, or be reincarnated until pure, there will ofc be curruped realms who cry out to unleash their fury upon others. The realm/world the story will focus on is ruled by 5 empires (3 of which are human, 1 dwarwen and 1 elvish, all tho those elves will be darker skined and have a bit of a Indian influence) Blah blah, all humans were once enslaved by the High Elves (regular blonde pricks) so they rose to rebelion and commited mass genocide upon them (while being allied with the Dark Elves, who in this one are actually good guys :P)

To skip all the details... this is it in short. Hope you will like it once I start working on it (doing flags with GIMP and Paint atm xD)

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