Ok, so, we totally need a good, strong, and most of all, open collaboration universe

The thing I had in mind is a fantasy multiverse, where several worlds are linked by portals, leading to a central hub "city" Each editor gets a realm. Editors can, amongst themselves agree on inter-realm relations, even, if they let several races be in their world, they can have a special relation for one race to another realm and another relation for the other races to the other realm (Like race x of user 1 is good with the whole realm of user 2, while races y and z of user 1 are not good with it, or even race x of user 1 is good with race a of user 2, while race y of u1 is good with race b of u2)

Further more, there should be a focus on story telling. With that I mean we will halt the timeline at a certain point at year XXXX for instance, and focus on writing stories from (XXXX-20) to XXXX. Previous "history" can be or should be writen by each editor for themsevles, like when did nation x in their realm beggin, when did their realm join the other realms etc. Ofc, each editor is free to shape his realm as he wants as long as it doesnt feautre:

- idk what else xD as long as it isnt OP

  • trains are up for discussion (ok trains are ok)

Other than that, the problem remains how to name the universe

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