Age of Legends 1945

Bascially a spin off of AoL set in the future (1945). It is bascially world war 1-2 just with dwarves, orcs, etc being also a part of it. Most of the art that would be used would be of Imperial Guard regiments, pages would feautre a history time-line continuing from the origina AoL with brand new pages for the nations.

Un-named close future sci-fi

This one will follow the world of around 2050 where Europe is the dominating force of the world, with having Rheinmetal developed a laser-anti-missile sytem, rending nuclear rockets un-usable. With the technological gambit, and several rebellions over the world, Europe expands, re-colonising Africa and South America, with the USA utterly collapsing and China joining Europe..... The actually stories and characters... well... as for them, I still have no plan, but propably mostly war focused and placed in Africa and the Americas....

Another idea

So, it is 2030, the EU breaks up, Russia is in civil war, communists lose hold in China, the USA fall into civil war aswell. EU nations like Hungary, Greece, Romania, Serbia become extremly ultra natioanlist. Germany starts it`s nuclear project and has developed laser-anti-missile systems. Austra and Slovenia are anex by Germany and it goes into open war with Poland for Prussia. Germany is supported by a side of the USA, as well as France and the UK. Germany eventually conquers and splits poland with New Soviet rebel forces from Russia. France takes on Itally and much of Africa, with Spain taking over Portugal. Germany sends military aid to kill Scotish and Irish terrorists in the UK civil war. Scadinavia unites. Germany conquers it`s way all to Turkish Greece. France, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and Greater Germany unite into a new European Republic. Turkey joins in later. The ER begins world domination, investing in Mongolia, waging war against both Soviets and the rest of Russia, and colonising the rest of the world.

So, this idea sounds a bit like the previous

So, an asteroid hits earth in 2020 in the Pacific, thus bringing great chaos to Asisa and America, in the mean time Russia breaks out into civil war (yes, again). Monarchies start to rise in Europe, mainly France and Germany, who lose all forms of democracy and turn into an oligarchy of the "smart" with just around 5% having a saying or importance in society, aside for the military. Blah blah, Germnay nad France unite their crowns and goes into world domination. The North American union which is a client state to the Franco-Germanic Empire, is ordered to give over all space conquering technologies, as they are no longer seen fit to do it on their own. Russia is eaten up by the Ukraine, Turkey, Germany, Mongolia and China. Blah blah, years pass, far future, 10k, global franco-germanic monarchy, galaxy wide expansion, obliteration of enemy races etc :P

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