Allright, this is an idea I've had for a while but I've decided to put it out there now. Basically I was thinking of a mass community collab universe here on the CU, basically everyone (or a majority of the userbase) all contributes to a single universe. Any new user would be welcome to join in at any time and people could all work together on it, First I'd like to get some community feedback on it and if anyone would be interested in doing something like this. As for the genre, I am going to leave that to be decided until there are a good amount of people who have said they will join it, probably will make a vote or soemthing. I would personally like to make something original, and thus I would prefer not to do a generic fantasy or generic sci fi universe, something that we havent seen before on the CU.

Anyway, thats just my idea, I reckon it would be fun to do. Hopefully some people will join and the CU can have its first community collab.

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