As with Total and $17, I shall also make a blog for all my universe idea's. I havent done really anything on my curent one due to lack of time, my computer stuffing up and having writers block.

Legion of Hell

Basically a fantasy/sci fi crossover where the devil invades Earth, it wil probably be set in the near future. Imagine plasma tanks and spaceships having wars with giant ass demons and spirtits and all that. Maybe god will come down with an army of angels aswell, I haven't really decided yet.

Un-named Fantasy

A fantasy world, I'd like to keep it as original as possible and leave the usual races like Elves, Dwarves Orks and such to a minum. Will probably have a bit of steampunk with muskets and such, will also have magic, magical muskets, awww yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Un-named Diesel Punk Fantasy WW2 thingy

After playing some Wolfenstein, I had an idea for a universe in a Diesel Punk WW2 setting but with magic and and such. Im not sure how exactly it would work, but if I did it right, I reckon it could be really awesome.


Okay, I through some things and I have an idea. Im thinking of a universe that combines the 2nd and 3rd ideas I had, basically a WW2 style Diesel Punk world decides to invade hell, instead of hell invading us we invade them. Kinda like a mix of Doom and Wolfenstein. Imagine that scene from Saving Private Ryan, where the US troops are coming in on Omaha Beach on those landing craft, except the sea is red with blood, and the beach is filled with lava and demons.

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