This article, Via Sol, is a part of the Crodian universe created by TheAnonymousMarauder.

Via Sol
Vital statistics
System Solar System
Terrain Barren wastelands


A complex system of connected caves below the surface

Inhabitance Gorzad


Intelligent Beings Gorzad

Roks (define intelligent)

Number of Moons 0
Climate Harsh atmosphere
Natural Disasters Dust storms



Protected By Gorzad Empire
Via Sol is a barren planet orbiting closely to the sun in the Solar System. It is controlled by the Gorzad Empire.

Surface Edit

The surface of Via Sol is completely covered in a dirt/sand substance. All of the cities on the planet have thick productive domes surrounding them to protect the oxygen breathing Gorzad from the harsh conditions of the atmosphere. Many of the aliens that live on the planet are miners, mining the precious metals found on the planet. The Gorzad Empire does have a huge military base on top of Mt. Doom, a tall mountain in the Scourge Mountains.

Locations Edit

  • Mt. Doom: A tall mountain located in Scourge Mountains. It has a Gorzad military base on it.
  • Fort Doom: A big military base owned by the Gorzad Empire.

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